3 Reasons Why What You’re Eating is NOT Healthy (Even Though You Think So)

You think what you’re eating is healthy…but is that really true? Here are 3 reasons why you may be eating a fictitious life at a restaurant or home.

1. It has rice…and probably a lot of it!

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Recently, I was trying to trick my father into veganism. It didn’t take long before he commented, “I don’t think there’s meat on this menu, buddy” at Native Foods Café. Not surprisingly, he ordered the Southwestern Burger…which, admittedly, was full of flavor even though it didn’t contain an ounce of animal. Determined to order something more plant-based (or forward if you’re trendy), I scoured the menu for awhile. To my disappointment, I was left with few options. While looking around, I could see the glee on people’s faces while they enjoyed what they thought was a health-conscious choice. I also saw many dishes packed with rice and very little vegetables. Yes, these dishes are healthier options compared to a Big Mac, I will argue that they are from healthy though. In fact, this menu (if you’re not mindful) could still send you into the land of diabetes just as easily as your typical junk food. Let’s be honest; rice is a refined, simple carb that spikes your blood sugar levels and effects your weight loss. Even if you choose wild rice (a whole grain option) you still shouldn’t exceed more than 25% of your plate (for some of the same reasons). Be realistic about this choice and enjoy it for it is…still an indulgence of sorts. Otherwise, cut out the simple carb blast for more veggies.

2. It has yogurt…Mama needs her protein and probiotics!

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Dairy is delicious. Okay,…now that we’ve gotten passed that let’s talk what it really is-An inflammatory punch of growth hormone liquid from a local animal that you don’t even know (shame on you…at least learn his or her name!). I apologize for the sensationalism. Let’s be realistic though. If you’re choosing the most nutrient-dense foods, aren’t there less caloric and processed foods that provide protein and calcium, too? Of course, there is! Dark leafy greens, etc., etc. “But, I need probiotics!!!!” You sure do! Yogurt is basically fermented milk, and you can enjoy a lot of the same benefits by eating other fermented products like kimchi.

3. It has oil….just like the Mediterranean Diet!

Personal Trainer Wisdom: I consider oil a silent weight loss killer. It can undermine all of your efforts to eat healthy with a plant-based focus. Most restaurants drown their veggie offerings with oil to offer the rich taste you and I enjoy. Don’t forget that oil is highly processed and strips down any nutritional benefits that you hope to gain (think phytonutrients and the “good” fat). Since most of the calories in oil come from fat, you may also be eating a dish fattier than the ribeye you’re giving up too. Any oil (including your “heart healthy” extra virgin olive oil) basically transforms a 100 calorie dish into a 300-400 punch. Is it worth it when you would rather save those calories for an Old Fashioned cocktail or dessert? That’s up to you. Just because it’s a veggie dish, though, don’t always think it’s healthy.

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness
3 Reasons Why What You’re Eating is NOT Healthy (Even Though You Think So)
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