Calorie restriction when meeting with a personal trainer?

Most weight loss begins with calorie reduction.  Depending on your body, you may demand different amounts of calories.  An athlete will demand more calories than the sedentary office worker.  The average person should keep their calorie range between 1300-2000 when losing weight (your starting point and health needs may dictate more calories though).   Over the last 9 years of personal training in Chicago, my clients have successfully lost weight in the 1300-1500 range.

Keep in mind that we find that many people lose weight in the 1300 calorie range but can’t sustain this diet long term.  Anything below this mark could have a reverse effect on your weight.   We want your body to work most efficiently.  If you deprive the body, you may slow its metabolism (to limit calorie expenditure) and reevaluate its hormonal and blood sugar balance.  It’s no surprise that some people either maintain the same weight or gain weight on a drastic reduction such as this.

Either way, if you’ve maintained the same weight for a considerable amount of time, a reduction is needed.  Sometimes cutting 100-500 calories in your diet daily is enough to lose weight.   While meeting with you Chicago personal trainer, always consult with a doctor before following any nutritional advice.