The Thanksgiving Weight Loss Killers

There's nothing more important than a consistent dietary routine when it comes to weight loss.  If you keep your routine, the little hiccups in life (ie celebrations, baseball games, etc) won't hit you as hard.  

What about a Thanksgiving hiccup though?  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving usually encompasses everything that we shouldn't be doing for weight loss (especially in Chicago).  Most people over 3000 calories on this day (more 1000 calories than they should).

I can be like most Chicago personal trainers and tell you all the vegetables recipes you can make to protect yourself.

Let's be honest though-Thanksgiving is based on more traditional dishes than any other holiday.  So you're probably not going to change much.

This is my quick guide to at least help you keep the calories, carbs, and unneeded fat in check:

-Homemade Mashed Potatoes:  split the milk in half and use all natural chicken broth.

-Roasted Vegetables:  roast the vegetables with a quarter of the usual olive oil and use balsamic vinegar instead. 

-Turkey:  Dark meat has more calories and fat.  Stick to the white meat without gravy.