"10 Things People Do That Doctors Hate" Review

You're always told what you should do, but do you really know what your doctor hates? I've extracted my favorites from the Harvard Health Publications article "10 Things People Do That Doctors Hate" for you. Whether this list relates to fitness or weight loss, it certainly affects your overall health (which destroys any effort with a Chicago personal trainer). Make each one your priority (and I'll tell you why here).


Inserting a cotton-tipped swab into the ear can push ear wax farther into the canal and may damage the eardrum.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Usually I need to wear 'Earplanes' ear plugs to minimize the pressure or pain in my ears during and after flights. I never experienced any discomfort until my flight to Denver 6 years ago. To my surprise, ear plugs weren't the blame. When I visited the doctor, I learned that ear wax was pressing against my ear drum. Ironically, I always cleaned my ears with swabs! I thought I was removing the ear wax when, in fact, I was pushing the wax and other particles to the back (what a wonderful thought). The moral of this story: Clean your ears every once awhile with a swab but don't obsess over it and rely on less evasive measures (you are placing a stick in your ear after all).


...as natural as it may be for animals to lick their wounds, the human mouth is full of bacteria.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Hmmmmmm...Although it's fun to mirror our animal counterparts, you may want to consider a new boundary line. Any time you wound yourself, you should always minimize the risk of infection. Licking the fresh cut isn't the answer. The bacteria in your mouth will only add fire to something that is already burning. Be sure to disinfect and bandage as soon as possible and save the licking for the zoo.


The vaccine is made from inactive virus particles.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: There isn't much else to say here except "The vaccine is made from inactive virus particles." The flu shot will NOT make you sick. If you happen to feel ill afterward, consider it a result of something you already contracted.


Alcohol can act as a diuretic. So instead of conserving water on a hot summer’s day, your kidneys spill more water.

Personal Trainer Wisdom: Nothing quenches your thirst on a hot, humid day in Chicago like an Old Style beer, right? Not all liquids are created equal, and beer isn't the exception here. It does the opposite since it acts as a diuretic (sorry!). Considering that your liver and kidneys are two of your most important organs for longevity, you may want to mindfully choose a glass of water first.

What things has your doctor told you he or she hated? Anything related to weight loss or personal fitness ?

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Simplemost.com/william87-Fotolia-Besides the effect on your personal weight loss, would your doctor tell you not to drink beer for other reasons too?

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Author: Michael Moody Fitness with excerpt sourced from the article " 10 Things People Do That Doctors Hate " on MSN.com.
"10 Things People Do That Doctors Hate" Review
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Transform your life with Michael's self-help book Redefine Yourself here!